Group Class Descriptions
Aerial Kids ~ Sign Up

Aerial Kids is a class created specifically for children ages 6 - 12. Using low-hanging trapeze, Aerial Sling, and Aerial fabric (silks) this class is a fun, fast-paced aerial romp. All classes are taught over safety mats with hands on spotting by experienced aerial instructors. Our emphasis on safety and proper technique allows students to have loads of fun while learning body awareness and building self confidence.
Class size is limited to 6 students for more individualized instruction. If your child is under 6 please call 828-333-4664 for an ability test to join class.

Silks ~ Sign Up

This class covers basic aerial technique, foot locks, climbs, safety skills and choreography on aerial fabric or 'silks'. As class progresses students  learn more complex drops, wraps and rolls working safely at their own pace. All Levels classes contain students of beginning to advanced skills. As students gain strength and ability they are given the opportunity to learn aerial routines and test out of their level.

Static Trapeze/Lyra ~ Sign Up

Static Trapeze/Lyra class covers basic skills that build strength, flexibility and grace. You will learn a vocabulary of moves focusing on correct form, safety and technique. Lyra, or 'Aerial Hoop' is a metal circle that is suspended from a single point. Beginners start off learning the basics of spinning and the many ways to lift the body onto the hoop. As class progresses students will learn to climb, invert, roll and turn with grace and ease on this beautiful classic circus apparatus.

Aerial Yoga/Sling ~ Sign Up

Utilizing both traditional yoga poses and the skills of an aerialist this class takes your body through a safe exploration of flexibility and strenght. Made of the same fabric as aerial silks the sling, or 'aerial hammock' is suspended waist high over the mat. Working within each students ability we open the heart, rejuvenate the spirit and find relaxation in poses that may not be possible without the support of the fabric. More advanced yogis may find the deep stretching a challenge while those wanting a more gentle practice can find deep relaxation inside the fabric. This class is particularly well suited for beginners or those with physical limitations.

Aerial Basics ~ Sign Up
This class is perfect if you are curious, new to aerial arts, or if you are looking to fine-tune the basic skills and proficiency you already have. Beginner and basics classes involve work with mixed apparatuses: static trapeze, silks/fabric and lyra (hoop). You will leave this class with a solid foundation of basic aerial skills, a list of basic and beginning-level aerial tricks, as well as increased strength, flexibility, and grace.
Aerial Mamas ~ Sign Up

Did having a baby turn your world upside-down? Then you are in the perfect position to join other new mamas for playing in the air! Improve your strength, coordination, and learn about the circus arts in a baby-friendly environment. For mamas with babies up to crawling age. Bring your baby and a blanket and join the fun. (Don't worry, the blanket is for the baby. It will be a few years before they are ready to join us in the air.) Taught by Maria Muscarella - aerialist, herbalist, and mother of two, past childbirth educator and L&D nurse.MD/Midwife approval to begin exercise required.

Open Workout ~ Sign Up

Must have previous aerial experience to attend. Open to all current Aerial Space students. Open workouts are provided as a service to help students refine the skills learned in class. Open workouts are supervised, but no instruction will be provided.


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